Decades of Experience

We offer the complete service from repair of replacement consoles to the supply of full digital readouts.

Digital Readout Fitting service available!

Nationwide fitting service available from strategically positioned specialist engineers.

Our Digital Readout Kits are also ideal for self fitting with extensive instructions and machines specific kits

We also offer full support over the phone or via email when self fitting.

To get answers to any general queries please contact GTPecision via the contact form.
You can also order by card over the telephone

We can supply

Full digital readout systems or single scales supplied from 80mm to 3000mm scales all from stock and generally same day shipping. Up to 6000mm travel scales built to order.

Full DRO systems come complete with a 2 - 3 or 4 axis console - the fitting arm - scales and scale covers plus full machine tailored fitting kits, manuals full fitting instructions and a 2 year warranty.

Digital readout systems are available for all the most popular makes of machine.

Popular digital readout systems are available for:Bridgeport milling machine, Colchester Student, Colchester Master, Colchester Triumph 2000 Colchester Mascot 1600, Colchester Mastiff 1400, Colchester Magnum, Harrison M300 Lathe, Harrison M400 Lathe, Dean Smith Grace Type 13 lathe Dean Smith and Grace type 17 lathe, Dean Smith & Grace Type 26 Lathe.

Digital Readout for Bridgeport