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Goodwin DRO

Butler Elgamill Digital Readout system

Butler Elgamill Digital Readout system

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Butler Elgamill bedmill Digital Readout system. 3 axis Digital Readout system to suit your Butler elgamill we have scales that will fit the very longest bed length of 6000mm. The Goodwin DRO system is custom built to suit your machine. 

If you already have a DRO system fitted we can repair it or supply a single linear scale to get your current system back up and running fast even if its made by a different manufacturer we supply OEM scales or interfaced one of our own to your current DRO system even if its from another manufacturer. 

We can supply full DRO systems custom made to suit your machine. 

Please send in full pictures of your Elgamill with the overall table length so we can work out the machine travel and price. We will build the DRO system specifically to your machine, build time is 5-10 day depending on the complexity and bed length.

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