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Goodwin DRO

Colchester Student lathe Digital Readout system 2 axis

Colchester Student lathe Digital Readout system 2 axis

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Digital readout system to suit the Colchester Student Lathe 

The DRO system to suit the Colchester Student lathe comes in two different bed lengths - Check both dimension before ordering. 

1. The Short bed is 25 inch between centres and has a 1000mm bed length 

2. The long bed version is 40 inch between centres and 1400mm bed length 

What's in your kit 

Goodwin 2 axis console - which is latest version and does come with an arm suitable for the lathe. 

X 270mm travel thin profile scale with special backing bar which speeds up the fitting process - there are also brackets for the reader head designed to streamline the fitting process. 

Z 670mm travel scale for the short bed or 1000mm travel scale for the long bed lathe - comes with all brackets required.

Scale covers

3m armored cables

Fitting kit 

Fitting instructions - showing the Colchester Student Lathe

The 2 axis DRO system comes with the industry standard glass linear scales which have 5 micron resolution. 

The Goodwin 2 axis console will arrive already set in diameter mode - the console can also be set in radius mode if your prefer to work that way. 

There is very easy tool setting upto 200 tool but probably 4-6 tools is all you will need. 

Some key console features 

1. MM/Inch - Metric / Imperial 

2.  ABS /INC Absolute and Incremental 

3. Tool memory upto 200 tools.

4. Calculator 

5. Single button Zero or the X or Z axis 

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