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Goodwin DRO

Myford ML7 Lathe Digital Readout system

Myford ML7 Lathe Digital Readout system

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Myford ML7 DRO

Digital Readout system to suit the Myford Ml7 lathe The Myford DRO comes as a complete kit. 

Goodwin Digital readout to suit

Myford ML7 lathe 900mm bed length

Goodwin 2 axis console (Premium LCD console pictured we do have a cheaper Console available which brings the kit price down) 

X 220mm travel thin profile magna scale 

Z 470mm travel scale overall length 610mm

Scale covers

3m armoured cables

Fitting kit

Console fitting arm


2 year warranty.

The Myford kits are built to order please allow 3 - 4 days build time - this kit has the premium 2 axis LCD screen and Magna scale in both X axis and Z - our magna scales are very powerful and the latest version each reader head has an LED indicator for power and to show its receiving a good signal. Once you power up you will see each reader heads LED glow green to show its receiving a good strong signal. 

There are a few different models of Myford lathe so please feel free to send (email or whats app) us over some pictures and dimensions of your actual lathe so we can build the system to suit. 

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