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Protrak Linear scale replacement

Protrak Linear scale replacement

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Protrak linear scale replacement and repair. We have OEM scales and reader heads on stock and can ship same day. DPM milling machine linear scale repair and replacement. 

For the Y axis scale we have prices from £ 245 plus vat which includes the conversion into the Protrak control - This is Goodwin scale with a conversion, we also have OEM equipment on stock. 

The Protrak OEM reader heads are on stock so if the glass in the scale is okay we can replace only the reader head which comes with a 3m cable and the correct plug - you will need technical support before ordering to ensure you get the correct signal reader head and the correct plug to interface to your CNC control. 


1. Step one call for support 

2. Send us some pictures of the scale which requires replacement / repair. Also send in pictures of the plug - there are two different types and its very important we get the correct one specified for you. You can email or whatspp the pictures over. 

3. We can then quote with several options to solve the issue. 

4, Most items are same day shipping. 

Call for technical support on +44 ( 0) 151 608 8666 Ask for Darren 

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